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Ve-ahavtem (you shall love) is a revolutionary initiative promoting healthy sexuality in underserved and isolated communities by offering traditional couples a space for nurturing their intimate life by providing access to counseling, knowledge, and products that respect their lifestyle and beliefs.

"מַה יָּפִית וּמַה נָּעַמְתְּ אַהֲבָה בַּתַּעֲנוּגִים" 

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Ve-Ahavtem’s intimate balms, with enticing, natural scents, are blended just for you by our certified aromatherapist, for wholesome pleasure that will last you years.

ואהבתם ב-  i24 NEWS :  "חברה ישראלית מגשרת על הפער שבין מיניות לאמונה"
ואהבתם ב-  i24 NEWS :  "חברה ישראלית מגשרת על הפער שבין מיניות לאמונה"
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Our Story

It all started in a Petach Tikvah coffee shop: Dudu was a soldier completing his compulsory duty with the IDF, and Limor was a freshman in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Dudu came to meet up with his friends, and Limor was on a date with her friend – but their eyes met from across the café, and the rest is history….

Just one wonderful year later, we stood under the Chuppah, excited and emotional about the holy occasion, positive that this excitement will accompany us for the rest of our lives. Our years of marriage proved that with a lot of investment and hard work, the initial excitement can grow into something more profound; the more we nurtured and cherished the space between us, the more we felt the realization of R. Akiva's words, זכו – שכינה בינהם - 'if they should merit, the divine shall be among them.'

Several years and three beautiful children later, we decided we wanted to engage, together, in the important work of the things that keep couples together.

Dudu is an academic with an extensive Yeshiva education, who holds a number of public positions. He teaches in a Yeshiva High School, and lectures adults and adolescents on Torah and sexual education. Limor is a sex therapist, certified by Bar Ilan University, who lectures and runs workshops. Limor also volunteers as a Mikveh attendant.

ve-Ahavtem was born of necessity: we felt there was a need for a space that would create access to high quality tools for nurturing the relationship in a delicate and respectful way, in light of Jewish values.

We wish you a pleasant and loving experience,

Limor and Dudu Kleinman

Founders, ve-Ahavtem

Years of languor in our relationship ended the minute we found Ve-Ahavtem. We learned about a world of clean and empowering sexuality we never knew existed…

- Our customers speak -

Our Vision

ve-Ahavtem is an initiative promoting positive intimacy, creating access to tools for enhancing and nurturing the intimate relationship in a delicate, respectful manner.

Our website provides a modest and pleasant space for exploring high quality practical tools to invest in the intimate relationship. The respectful and reverent language and setting stem from the belief that marital intimacy is a central part of the sacred union of marriage.

Our Values

  • Commitment to Halakhah: All ve-Ahavtem activity, on the website and beyond, complies with Jewish values, with rabbinic direction.

  • Discretion: We believe the intimate space between husband and wife is private, and we are committed to absolute discretion with the identity of surfers, acquisitions on the site, and consultation with professionals referenced by the site.

  • Learning and Reinvention: "And you shall study it day and night" is not just a slogan; the commitment to learn and teach is never ending, and requires keeping consistently up-to-date.

  • We strive for excellence, professionalism, and service. We believe success stems from attention to the little details.

  • Responsibility and commitment – we practice what we preach.


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