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Meet Limor & David

It all began with a single phone call. David and Limor, a young couple in their mid-twenties, found themselves contemplating the idea of Limor volunteering as a Mikvah Attendant at the Local Mikvah. Encouraged and supported by David, Limor embarked on this volunteering journey, and together they discovered the pressing need for accessible knowledge, guidance, and professional tools regarding the evolving sexuality of married couples over the years, which often differs greatly from the initial stages of a relationship.

Their path led them to pursue formal education and professional training. After gaining years of experience as a sex counselor while raising their three children, Limor and David united to establish a groundbreaking website, born out of their love. This website provides couples with a welcoming, dignified, and respectful space to nurture their intimate lives and sustain their passion throughout the years. The site embraces clean and respectful language, cultivating an atmosphere of pure pleasure, with the firm belief that a stable and vibrant physical connection is acquired and should never be relinquished, as it acts as a powerful bond that fortifies relationships over time.

To ensure the highest professional standards, all activities and product development undergo consultation with medical and sexual therapy professionals, as well as a qualified Rabbi, with products receiving approval from both health and Halachic perspectives. David, an academic educator, certified Chatan (groom) teacher, and graduate of a sexuality and masculinity course, combines his expertise with Limor's academic background, volunteer work as a Mikah Attendant at the Mikvah for women, and certification as a sex counselor from Bar Ilan University.

Dear cherished visitors of our website, VE-AHAVTEM®, this platform was established with immense care just for you. We sincerely hope that your experience here will be both pleasant and meaningful.

Warm regards,
Limor and David  Kleinman
Founders of VE-AHAVTEM®

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