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"...You shall love"

Your safe space for exploring healthy and magical marital intimacy

Luxury intimacy products and education, crafted with the utmost respect of your Jewish lifestyle

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Dear cherished visitors of our website, VE-AHAVTEM®, this platform was established with immense care just for you. We sincerely hope that your experience here will be both pleasant and meaningful.

Warm regards,
Limor and David  Kleinman
Founders of VE-AHAVTEM®

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Our Values

Obedience to Halacha - Our commitment to Jewish values illuminates every aspect of our work, both on and off the site, with unwavering support and guidance.


Confidentiality - we understand that the intimate bond between a husband and wife is a sacred and private domain. As such, we are dedicated to maintaining utmost confidentiality throughout your browsing experience, purchases made on our site, and consultations with the trusted professionals we connect you with.


Learning and renewal - "והגית בו יומם ולילה" "And you uttered it day and night", is not just a phrase; The obligation to study and teach is never-ending and requires updating the Torah and  science.


Striving for excellence, professionalism, and service - we firmly believe that success in significant endeavors can only be attained by paying meticulous attention to the smallest of details.

Responsibility and commitment - "נאה דורש, נאה מקיים" "Goodness demands, goodness fulfills" (Tosefta Tractate of Yabamot, Chapter 8).

Our Vision

VE-AHAVTEM® is a groundbreaking project in the realm of healthy sexuality, offering couples an inviting, honorable, and respectful platform to cultivate their intimate lives and sustain passion for years to come.

The VE-AHAVTEM® website was founded with the purpose of providing couples with high-quality and practical tools to enhance their intimate space. It is distinguished by its modesty, use of clean and respectful language, and creation of a sacred and pure atmosphere. We firmly believe that the marital bond between a husband and wife is a fundamental aspect of the sanctity of marriage, and our website reflects this belief.

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